Yeah, Andrew St. Pierre white sometimes loads these videos, then for some reason removed them a week later, then uploads them. I think he still trying to into youtube. Cool video. Even cooler subscribe to his YT channel because he is putting up ALL of his content over time. good content too. » 12/19/14 11:53am Friday 11:53am

Looks like it is, thats a unicorn color though, never EVER seen it personally. Looks like a FJ80, a 92-93 from the looks of the wheels. Bless him for driving 5000 lbs with 155 hp. » 12/19/14 11:25am Friday 11:25am

Where I live, this would do nothing to help traffic, and in fact most places in the US I suspect that's true. I would bet there are a dozen, maybe two dozen cities in the US total that would see marginally reduced traffic from lane splitting....why bring it to states that wont be affected? I'm on the fence about laneā€¦ » 12/18/14 6:20pm Thursday 6:20pm

I know several adjusters for several companies and they all say the same thing: don't replace your windshield on insurance. Its not the value of the claim that makes your rates go up, its the frequency of the claims. » 12/18/14 5:05pm Thursday 5:05pm

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