I never bother with those, just flip the spring out of its stop, bend it a little (a little) and put it back. it works better and lasts longer. you don't need my credentials as a bike mechanic, but I has them. » 4/18/14 3:57pm Yesterday 3:57pm

The Potato cutters were designed with that flush look, but the new wheels should have the same offset, just different amounts of material around the rim. I hate those wheels (the cutters) for that reason. Figured out what tire to run? » 4/18/14 2:14pm Yesterday 2:14pm

PLENTY of excellent Y61 action out there. But the QX and 200 series are competitors now, like it or not. The 200 series still gets used as evidences by the very active 200 series forum on Ih8mud.com, the land cruiser forum. » 4/18/14 12:41pm Yesterday 12:41pm

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