These use rocket motors for ejection, and based on what I've heard from a buddy who used to do maintenance engineering on them....I wouldn't ever want to use it. its better than dying and that's about it. » 10/24/14 5:54pm Yesterday 5:54pm

A[4]WD - What is AWD/4WD and how does it work?

4WD vs AWD, as big a battleground among car people as steam engines vs gas engine am i right? Well no, but its probably just as confusing if not as popularly debated, if for nothing else than the determination of marketers to brand their all wheel control system as being the only one to prevent you from hitting that… » 10/24/14 5:41pm Yesterday 5:41pm

if say stay away from the xterra unless the manual is important, they don't age well with heavy use. if you get an 80 get a 93+ the newer engine, Trans, and bigger brakes are worth it. if you go 4 runner, 4th Gen is the sweet spot of depreciation/technology. the 4th Gen brought the 4runner closer to the land… » 10/23/14 3:59pm Thursday 3:59pm

yes, the cruiser is a truck. i would call the xj a truck too. the key for me is the idea that a"truck" like you have isn't soley a "truck" it's a "pickup truck". that qualifier means there are other kinds of trucks besides "pickup" » 10/23/14 3:35pm Thursday 3:35pm